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With years of experience in print and marketing, we use the latest design and production techniques to bring your ideas to life. Our goal as a business is to always to exceed our customer's expectations. Zipp Printing is committed to making it easier for you to order print.

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Specialty Envelopes

A-2 Envelope

A-2 Envelopes are our pmost popular envelopes for invites, note cards, and more. 

TYPE ENVELOPE SIZE Suggested Enclosure 
(varies according to insert thickness)
A-2 inches: 4.375 x 5.75 inches: 4.25 x 5.5
A-6 inches: 4.75 x 6.5 inches: 4.5 x 6.25
A-7 inches: 5.25 x 7.25 inches: 5 x 7

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